Timmothy Timm's Titus & Philemon Take the Stage


Hello. It is nice to know that you are interested in my book. It is a small collection of comic strips I have written over the span of a few months.

The book is about two guinea pigs named Titus and Philemon and their owner Joe and their everyday adventures. I like to imagine what my guinea pigs are thinking. They may be small, but they are smart. I also like to imagine what they would do.

Some of the things they do could be extremely hilarious. I like writing my comic strip, because it gives me a chance to put my fictional characters into scenarios that I think are funny.

Things that are not possible in real life may be possible in the world of my comic strip, and that is what helps me think of new ideas. Do you have any ideas of what you want me to do in the comic strip?

Marc Quarles